Goody is pleased to announce the upcoming customer loyalty integration with Infinity RMS - a product of Triquestra.

What is Infinity RMS?

Infinity RMS is a leading point of sale and retail management platform for multi-category businesses, provided by Triquestra – a global leader.

You’ve likely transacted at an Infinity location without even realising, as Triquestra power up some of New Zealand’s biggest brands. Including Z Energy, select Challenge Fuel sites and many more.

Their unified commerce approach ensures modern retailers only require a single platform to manage their POS, eCommerce and inventory fulfilment requirements. Ensuring retailers can sell, process and fulfil no matter the channel your customers use.

What will the integration provide?

Integration between Infinity RMS and Goody will enable retailers to launch their Goody loyalty programme in conjunction with Infinity RMS, quickly.

Transactions processed in Infinity will be sent to a Goody members loyalty account for point earn and burn.

Goody installs our loyalty software on the POS terminal, ensuring members and app users can easily scan their loyalty apps at the point of sale, either via traditional barcode scanner or via our integrated tablet apps.

How do the apps work?

Goody tablets integrate directly with our proprietary loyalty and CRM software. Customers can register directly through the tablet devices (built-in React Native), without the need for pesky loyalty cards.

Customers can automatically earn points simply by entering in their registered phone number at the time of the transaction, or by scanning their app or card.

Just good benefits

Details are stored securely within Goody’s cloud-based software for seamless loyalty experiences across your channels and app devices.

Customers are added to your Goody account and segmented based on their customer life cycle stage, enabling retailers to send automated marketing campaigns and encouraging customers to become brand advocates with member-only offers.

Interested in Infinity RMS or looking to use Goody with your Infinity RMS platform?

Talk to us today about switching to Infinity RMS or bolt-on Goody to enhance your existing loyalty functions.