Goody helps skincare brand offer customers more rewards

Dermalogica is a well-known international skincare brand, with stockists across New Zealand. As well as being able to buy from their online store, customers can shop for Dermalogica products from different professional skin centres (PSC). Platinum skin centres are the ultimate full-service, professional-grade experience. Dermalogica Pro skin centres offer advanced expert skincare advice by trained therapists and Dermalogica’s professional-grade skin treatments. Customers can also buy the products with expert advice from selected Life Pharmacies, department stores and other stockists.

Dermalogica was looking for a way to better support its top stockists by giving its customers the same rewards they receive by buying online. It partnered with Goody to close the loop.

Growing customer loyalty

All Dermalogica stockists who have reached platinum status have a branded tablet in-store, with branded materials for their customers. Sales coordinator Jenna Brooks says the beauty industry is very brand conscious, so having branded point-of-sale is a real selling point.

Each time customers make a Dermalogica purchase in-store, they earn one point per dollar spent. 250 points earns them a $25 voucher to spend on their next purchase. When a customer redeems that voucher, Dermalogica rebates the stockist with half.

This loyalty programme is a great way to encourage brand loyalty within each stockist’s customer base, which adds to the bottom line.

Going for platinum

It has another benefit, adds Jenna. It provides an incentive programme for their stockists to reach platinum status.

"We have about 21 professional skin centres (PSCs) at platinum status who have Goody. It sets them apart from other PSCs, and is our way of saying thank you for being loyal."

She explains that the programme has been very well received, and is highly sought after. The PSCs like that it’s a loyalty programme, keeps customers coming back and is another form of marketing.

Jenna says she’s already helped grow three PSCs to platinum status and expects there’ll be more this year.

"That means engaging with us, proactively working through our education pathway to reach certain levels, and meeting sales targets."

That all adds up to better service for customers, a strengthening of the brand’s positioning as the experts in skincare, and ultimately, better sales.

Last year, Dermalogica saw a 6% growth in sales, and a lot of the increase, Jenna explains, has come from those PSCs who have the Goody programme.

"The incentives for the PSCs work on two levels – those who already have platinum status need to meet yearly targets to keep Goody, and those who have yet to achieve platinum status work on upping their game."

Let’s get those results

Jenna says Goody’s easy-to-use interface gives Dermalogica quick snapshots of their loyalty programme to share with PSCs

Each month, Jenna exports reports for each PSC from Goody, which gives them an estimate on how well they’re doing, their points status, and how many of their customers have signed on. "We rank where each PSC is in the group, based on sales and points they’ve gained."

Goody’s integration with MailChimp also makes marketing support simple. For each platinum-level PSC, Jenna uses Goody to send out a monthly promotional email

"It’s self-explanatory, everything’s easy to find and work out how to use – even for those who aren’t marketing-savvy," she says.

"That’s another reason why PSCs are so driven to achieve platinum status. We support them in doing these marketing emails. Using MailChimp linked to Goody, we can customise each email to suit their store."

Working with Goody

Jenna is happy to sing the praises of the Goody team because "they’re fantastic to deal with."

She says Rory, Shanaya and the team are fast at responding to any issues or problems she has, and their communication is brilliant, following up with skin centres if needed.

“I’ve found working with the team really good, and I would recommend Goody. It’s a good incentive for your customers to stay loyal.”

Everyone’s a winner with Goody

Working together through Goody, Dermalogica and its valued stockists have been able to realise growth and success in the marketplace, by rewarding loyal customers the same way they do online. With Goody, everyone involved has the incentive to do better – customers are encouraged to continue buying Dermalogica products, and the stockists are energised to work toward or maintain platinum status, which brings even more benefits.

Dermalogica has grown its profits and distribution, and the loyalty software helps keep score. It also integrates with MailChimp to allow the creation of customised emails for each PSC, giving these businesses a marketing outlet they wouldn’t otherwise have. The responsive Goody team effectively supports Dermalogica in their bid to retain loyal customers.

The return on investment for Dermalogica:

  • 54% of customers that earn points spend them: “This means it works really well and keeps the clients going back.”
  • 4,000 members signed up across premium stockists, which is above industry standards
  • 3,000 customers rewarded with an estimated $75,000 worth of rewards.