Challenge NZ joins Goody

We’re excited to announce the addition of Kiwi firm Challenge to the Goody family. Members can now use their existing Goody card or app, at any participating Challenge retailer to earn points, save on fuel or donate towards local community groups.

The ‘My Challenge’ program is a community-based fundraiser and loyalty programme designed to support local organisations that are important to each participating Challenge retailer’s community.

The program allows customers to donate some or all of the fuel discount earned to one of their participating Challenge retailer’s elected Community Groups.

Members can earn points for their spend, which can be redeemed in-store for rewards on products or services.

Goody CEO, Gorran Marusich says: “We’re thrilled to have an iconic Kiwi brand such as Challenge join the Goody family. They add a lot of value to our member base, and it's great having a brand that aligns with our local ethos – that’s what Goody is about. Making sure your customers return to your brand and your store.

Goody members will be able to earn points at participating sites across the country.

Goody by the numbers in the last financial year:

  • 850,000 Goody members
  • 200,000 new Goody members

Unlike traditional programmes, Goody provides members with a universal membership they can use to manage their reward program participation. Retailers benefit by leveraging the infrastructure Goody has built over the past four years, without incurring transaction fees or participation fees typically required under a coalition programme. It also encourages sending customers back to the retailer, rather than an online store. Helping connect retailer and customer and going beyond just the rewards.

If you'd like to learn more about your Goody membership, visit our member area.

If you're a business owner interested in our loyalty software, you can contact our team by booking a demo or calling us on 0800 10 33 32.