Rise of the Omnichannel Rewards Program

Oh that mighty, ominous word ‘omnichannel’. What the heck does it actually mean?

To me it just means ‘and’.

I can buy this or that online ‘and’ in-store.

And over the past few years, we’ve seen a flurry of businesses market an omnichannel e-commerce experience, or an omnichannel fulfilment process.

Sounds amazing!

In reality, it just means that all systems are working together, talking to each other and your customers can buy something from you the way they wanted to. The way life used to be before the internet.

Cue the rise of the omnichannel loyalty program

New technologies and innovative customer experiences have developed to give customers compelling and relevant offers, at the right time to bring customers back.

That’s logical for retailers because you want to be everywhere your customers are right? An omnichannel loyalty program can enable just that.

Customers respond better, because it doesn’t feel like that same old advertising, we’ve all learned to ignore or ad-block.

It’s relevant. It’s revolving. But more importantly, it’s based on real-time customer data.


Omnichannel program mediums

Here, I almost wrote, “how retailers can suck up customer data and enrol you to their loyalty program”.

And that’s somewhat true.

POS and CRM loyalty programs tend to be the vacuum of choice. Typically, a customer enrols directly via the point of sale and accrues a point balance with the specific retailer. In exchange, the retailer acquires customer data and a certain level of transaction insight. E-commerce platforms have made that same experience relatively easy to translate. Platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce easily connect to your in-store POS loyalty program.

The result of connecting these two, has been an explosion of online and offline customer and conversion data linked to loyalty accounts.

What’s a retailer if to do with all this data? Personalise the customer experience of course.

Merging eCommerce, POS, social and app data empowers retailers with a greater level of understanding about their customer.

A CRM loyalty program acts as the engine that powers all of this, personalising offers based on customer preference, and delivering them through apps, POS or eCommerce websites.

Why is omnichannel loyalty better?

The bottom-line is that an omnichannel loyalty program is simply more convenient for your customer. And convenience makes it easier for customers to purchase and repurchase.

The more platforms retailers can use to reward their loyalty program members, the more engaged they become and the more likely they are to revisit, instore or online.