We're proud to announce that the University of Otago will be added to the expanding portfolio of Goody customers, which now stands at 750+ businesses.

As of Monday, 16th January 2017, Goody Card members can scan and earn rewards from University of Otago locations.

The university will be replacing it's current coffee card programme with the Goody Card Digital Loyalty & Marketing Automation software. Following a review of it's old programme, Otago University wanted to better connect with students and reward them for on-campus purchases.

The move will mean that local Dunedin residents and staff will also benefit. Current Goody Card members will now be able to utilise their McCafe or Antidote Pharmacy cards to register to the University of Otago loyalty programme.

For more information about how the University of Otago loyalty programme works, we encourage Goody Members to ask on-site staff about the benefits in joining.