Net Promoter Score & Customer Surveys

We’re excited to announce the release of Net Promoter Scoring and Customer Feedback. This new feature gives you the ability to survey customers automatically – no set up required.

What is it?

The Net Promoter Score is a globally recognised way to measure customer satisfaction. It asks customers one simple question; would you recommend this business to a friend or relative? Customers respond by giving a 1-10 rating, with space for optional feedback.

Why customer feedback is important

With customer feedback activated, you can measure customer satisfaction levels, in real-time, and gain insight into how your customers are responding to your business. Empowering stakeholders with accurate data they can then action.

How do I turn this feature on?

Sign in to your merchant centre. Navigate to ‘Net Promoter Score’. Click Start.

How do customers receive these?

Sending is managed through email and in-app push notifications.

Will my customers receive too many emails or notifications?

No. Customers using the card will only get an email, one hour after visiting every 90 days. These are only sent to customers that have opted into your marketing.