Brian Baker

As a McDonalds and McCafe franchisee, Brian Baker knows how different the sides of the business are. They each have their own separate clientele and set of challenges. Not every discerning coffee lover wanted a big mac and vice versa – what worked for one, didn't necessarily work for the other.

With McCafé as a business with high volume, Brian knew he needed a lot of people coming through the door. Brian needed to find a way to build his customer base and to keep them coming back. He knew that loyalty, innovation and communication were key.

One small step for Brian – one giant leap to the future

Out shopping with his wife, Brian came across the Goody Card loyalty programme and liked what he saw.

Brian knew there were lots of other loyalty programmes out there for businesses, but Goody seemed different.

“Every café you go to has some kind of loyalty programme or card, but Goody had the App for your phone which - from my point of view was absolutely perfect – you always have your phone on you.”
The Goody team got in touch with Brian, who he said, were “excellent and very easy to deal with” and explained how the system would operate. No expert in technology himself, Brian saw right away how easy it was to use. He thought it was perfect.

“Goody helped us go from Stone Age to modern technology in one easy leap.”

Goody Card McCafe

Would you like coffee with that?

Goody ticked all the boxes for Brian who has experienced “significant growth”. Brian was also able to tell customers that they could purchase a barista-made coffee in the drive-thru and on weekends. For Brian, it came down to giving people a reason to come again – to, “build a habit and serve our loyal customer base”.

McCafe Staff

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