Multiple Goody Cards

Kiwi wallets are jam-packed with loyalty cards they simply don’t use. They fill up wallets with clutter and are easy to forget or lose. Sound familiar?

Goody solves that.

It’s a universal card, that can be used at hundreds of places across the country. But there a few other things you can use Goody for, you probably never knew!

Here’s our top ten things you can do with Goody:
  1. Use it to earn points & rewards – duh… that one was obvious. Goody helps you get rewarded, all with just one card.
  2. Lost your car keys? No problem. We help return keys back to rightful owners using the unique identifier on the back.
  3. Find Goody businesses. Use the app to check out where you can earn points and rewards.
  4. Like businesses on social media and earn more Goody points.
  5. Hear about local news from your favourite stores.
  6. Ditch the card. Wait… what? There is no need to even have a card! Just get the app and you’ll never need a loyalty card again! Better yet, it keeps all your points safe. Each card is linked to your email address – similar to how your UBER account works.
  7. Give business feedback. We’ve just launched some snazzy feedback emails, so you can rate your experience at Goody businesses. Love the food – let them know about it!
  8. Get FREE ENTRY! A lot of bars and clubs are giving free entry just for using your Goody card. It’s a great promotion for businesses to attract new people and great for Goody members – because you get in FREE!
  9. Get FREE stuff – we host coupon promotions from time to time, like our great Neighbourly and McCafe Coffee offer.
  10. Share points with the family. You can get multiple Goody Cards and link them all to one email account. That way – you can share points. Unfortunately, it means they can spend them!
Want to see where you can use your Goody Card? Checkout our handy map feature here.