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Keeping staff engaged in your loyalty & marketing programme

Staff are an integral part of driving your loyalty and marketing efforts. Staff execute your business strategy in accordance with the processes, promotions and communications you have in place.

Your loyalty and marketing programme, will not work, if staff are not trained and engaged. We find, that businesses which have engaged staff are often more profitable.

That’s because staff are the face of your business. It’s your staff that build rapport with customers, contribute to customer service and ultimately drive your strategy. But it’s not always easy to ensure you create and retain engagement. So what’s the secret to success?

Here at Goody, we work with a number of different businesses, which experience the same issues - staff with arms folded at the till, waiting for things to happen. Sound familiar?

Whenever staff interact with a customer, they need to be promoting your marketing fundamentals.

This includes your loyalty programme.

Being part of Goody, means you should:
  • Sign up as many customers
  • Sit down with staff and explain how Goody works
  • Communicate the benefits to customers, staff and the wider business
  • Communicate the investment and importance of loyalty programmes

If staff are not confident in their knowledge of the processes, rewards and benefits, then they simply won’t believe in your strategy.

This means you will need to:
  • Take time to train staff on how to use Goody
  • Educate them through how customers sign-up and redeem their points for rewards
  • Promote a culture of customer loyalty and drive staff engagement

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How to keep staff engaged with the Goody Loyalty & Marketing Programme:
Appoint a Goody Champion

Your Goody champion should keep on top of your customer sign-ups, help inspire staff and help police the programme. This can be a duty manager, senior staff member or someone respected.

Giving staff additional responsibilities helps showcase their initiative and keeps them focused as a senior leader. These individuals should visibly demonstrate your commitment to a customer loyalty culture and promote your marketing.

If you're going to create a customer loyalty culture, then you need a leader who makes it clear they believe in the Goody programme.

Your loyalty improvement efforts should be aligned with a bigger cause.

Your in-store loyalty and marketing programme is the only way to communicate with customers after they leave, without spending thousands on advertising.

Staff need to understand, that it’s a way for your business to keep the in-store conversation going and stay relevant.

Remember, loyalty cards do not create loyal customers. Customer loyalty is created by staff that deliver world-class service. Goody is a tool to help you communicate with your customers and enhance their experience.

Communicate that change is good

People don’t like change. If staff truly believe that paper is better than digital, in today's modern world, then you have a problem. Relay to staff, that part of customer service is understanding how your customers interact your business and the world around them. Ask your staff, “if a customer is on his phone, and is not engaging with you, how else could you communicate with them and deliver service?"

Set regular priority meetings, discuss progress, agree on standards and rewards

Get your staff involved and share in their successes. Show them how they are progressing, so they can see how their input positively affects the business. Reward that success.

Ask staff how they feel customers are responding to the rewards on offer - do customers actually want these rewards or is there something else you could improve? Don’t rely on opinion, ask your customers!

Commit to signing up every customer that walks in the door.

Prompt staff and set reminders around the staff room, this keeps their commitment top of mind. Place a small sign on the till, facing staff, to serve as reminders. Speak about Goody in your meetings and promote store goals for customer sign ups.

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Incentivise staff - keep it fun and work out how much a loyal customer is worth

Staff incentives can be a great way to drive competition and sign ups. Keep these incentives fun and make sure it’s something your staff actually want. Keep track of progress and ensure you’re actively pushing the incentive programme.

Make promoting Goody part of the job description when hiring

New starters are more open to learning new and better ways to work. Emphasise your customer loyalty culture to drive sign ups and repeat business.

Provide guidance for staff ensure they’re easy to understand

This comes down to training your staff effectively, in how to operate Goody, and how to sell it to customers with confidence. If you and your staff are confident in the system, customers will be confident to sign up.

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