Rewards Card

Goody – your one and only rewards card!

We still get a lot of questions about "how Goody works".

That’s probably because other reward cards send you to a site to redeem rewards. Here at Goody, we send you back to the store – and we think that’s a good thing!

Here's what you need to know about the Goody rewards card:

Goody is a revolutionary new way to earn rewards, from the places you love to visit. It replaces all those pesky coupon cards -- likely clogging up your wallet -- with a great way to collect rewards.

Meaning, all you’ll ever need is Goody to earn points, check out your favourite stores or get the latest deals sent straight to your phone!

How it works:
  • Just download the app or pick up a Goody tag from a store near you
  • If you’re buying something from in-store and see a Goody tablet, then simply press the tap to scan button after your purchase
  • Hold the QR code up to the camera and sign up with your email address
  • After you sign up, you’ll receive a verification email to make sure you’re signed up with the right email address
  • That’s it – you should be all activated to use your Goody account

Now you can shop around hundreds of stores, with just one rewards card! Better yet, Goody shows you how many rewards you’re earning in the application.

To see how many rewards you’ve earned, just log into the application, click view points and refresh the screen by dragging it down.

Points work differently for each reward location so it pays to log into the app and checkout how many points the store is offering.

When you want to redeem your points, you just press “tap to scan”, like you usually would, and a list of rewards should appear. Choose the reward you’d like to redeem and press “confirm”.

It’s that simple!

So, whether you need a rewards card for your business or if you just want to earn rewards across the country – give Goody a go!

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