Tough Cusomer

Generating Brand Loyalty with Your Toughest Customer

Sometimes, customers can be a real pain, especially if you’re going to extra lengths to please them.

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

While some businesses blame a fickle customer base, it’s more likely an indicator that things in the market are also changing.

Today’s 'average jo' customer, demands special treatment…but only when they want it.

There was a time when generating brand loyalty was as simple as giving something away for free. This approach still works, but the ‘internet of things’, has meant your brand needs to communicate with your customer only when they want to hear from you. Plus, it needs to be something worth talking about!

Before we even start recommending ways to generate brand loyalty, it’s worth taking a look at the Global Loyalty Sentiment Report from Nielson released in 2013. This report sheds some light into consumer loyalty drivers from around the world.

So how do you go about pleasing the type of customer who’s favourite word is “no”?

Generating brand loyalty comes down to value, service, personalisation, reward and communication:
  1. You can’t beat value. Selling product that meets the markets price expectation and ensures a certain level of quality, is hands down, one of the most persuasive ways to ensure customers are loyal to your brand. Meeting these two expectations is what top brands strive to achieve.

  2. Set a service level agreement with your customer. The level of service you offer your customers should clearly define the expectations your customer demands. These define specifically what your customer will receive. To get started, simply ask your customers how they expect to do business with you and tap into their motivational drivers.

  3. Ditch the cookie cutter approach. Gone are the days, when you treat customers as if they were part of the masses. Today's customers demand personalised product, service, communications and that X factor. Answer key questions such as; why do customers come into my store? What are they here for? Can I improve the experience they have with me? What sets my store apart?

  4. People like free stuff. If you really want to generate brand loyalty, then you need to give them a reason to come back. As the Nielson report suggests, merchants that utilise a loyalty programme are more likely to generate loyal customers. Loyalty programmes that discount, offer freebies or rewards, all add to the experience your customer has with your brand.

  5. Talk to customers, even after they leave. Just because your customer has left your store doesn’t mean you should stop communicating. A key part of generating brand loyalty is ensuring you’re still reaching out to customers and personalising any messaging or offers. Here at Goody, we find email is still one of the most successful forms of communication. But how do ensure you’re capturing the attention of your customers and delivering a medium where they want to hear from you?

Introducing a better way to talk to your customer

Goody is a customer loyalty programme, that replaces the need for traditional loyalty coupons or electronic point systems – it’s turning out to be really disruptive because it's designed with the customer at heart.

How it works is actually really simple. A customer signs up to Goody at one of the hundreds of locations across New Zealand – so it doesn’t matter if you signed up at a McCafe, a Shiseido or even Lumino – that one card is your one and only loyalty card customers ever need.

The customer signs up using the tablets we provide the merchant. They have the choice to either download the app or use the Goody Cards we provide, which are easily clipped to a set of keys.
You can use Goody at hundreds of places across the country so the customer is never far away from earning rewards – if they shop from a Goody merchant.

The benefit it provides the card holder, is that you don’t need to carry all these coupon cards in your wallet – so you’ll never miss out on collecting rewards. It also gives the cardholder the ability to shop where merchants are offering good deals or discounts.

For the merchant, they benefit by growing and fostering their own business database, delivering personalised rewards to offer customers and gaining insight into their shopper's behaviours.

Further merchant benefits:
  • Send unique offers
  • Grow a personal merchant database
  • Increase customer retention and generate customer loyalty
  • Gain insight into customer demographics and behaviours
  • Deliver customer a rewards programme designed for the customer

Why not try it out for your business today, by booking a personalised demo with the team from Goody!