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Top Tips for Email Marketing Best Practice

So you run a business, you’ve signed up with Goody and now you need to begin your marketing campaign. Where do you start?

While everything seems to be about social media and apps these days, email has taken a back seat in comparison. However, with more than 2.5 billion people accessing email every day, it remains one of the fastest, cheapest and most convenient ways to market your business. As long as you know what you’re doing.

Whether you’re offering a great deal to customers or wanting to promote a new product or event in your store, you want to get optimum reach and maximum benefits. Here are our top tips for better email marketing:

Get to know your online email medium

At Goody, we use our own platform, which is easy to use and simple to understand. But there are plenty of good ones out there.

Choose to set up an offer or campaign, and once complete, arrange to send the campaign to promote your special deal to your database. Select the type of campaign you want to send, choose the offer and add in all the necessary details. It’s a straightforward and effective way to market your business.

Make it exciting with a great heading

The role with your email marketing campaign is to get people excited. You want people to WANT to go to your store, whether it’s to pick up a fantastic deal or to attend a product launch or other event. The first thing your readers will see if the headline/subject line, so use words that are going to grab their attention from the start. Create a sense of urgency with phrases like “Last chance!” or “24 hours only!”; make them feel as though they MUST HAVE what you’re offering, e.g. “Don’t be the last to get this great deal”; or use a current holiday or particular time of year to help them relate “Beat the stress of tax time with a free massage”.

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Keep your email content short and sweet

Too often we receive emails which tend to “waffle on”. Unfortunately, these are the types of emails that lose the interest of the reader fast. These days, everyone is pressed for time so you want to make sure you get straight to the point. Keep your text short, concise and accurate.
Keep your content relevant

People have signed up to receive your emails because they want to get great deals or they want to hear about the promotions and events you are offering them. If you’re sending a campaign, make sure you keep the content relevant to the deal, event or promotion. Don’t give them a 500-word essay about the history of cheese, if you’re offering them a free coffee!

Time it right

Research has found that emails which are sent early morning (before 7am) or at night (after 7pm) are more likely to be read by the recipient than those send in the middle of the day. You want to send your emails when there isn’t so much competition, so sticking to times outside “normal” work hours is ideal. Also try weekends, rather than weekdays, particularly if you’re offering a great deal on food or drinks. The best advice we can give here it Goody is to ask your customers and develop some insights.