Customer Love

Customer loyalty – it’s time to share the love

Look around. Those customers you see walking around your store, buying things, putting money in your back pocket. They’re already deciding if they’ll be back tomorrow or next week. They’ve given you some love – isn’t it time you showed it in return? Fundamentally, it’s about increasing revenue from the customers you have and creating customer loyalty.

3 reasons to love your loyal customers

  1. You’ve already invested lots of money to get that customer through the door in the first place – think branding, product development, and site selection. Keeping them loyal will maximise that investment.
  2. It’s so much cheaper to keep your current customers than to attract new ones – forget the cheery jingle on the local radio station.
  3. Guess what, if someone loves you, they’ll probably tell a friend - customer loyalty has some serious pay offs.

This love affair is worth 80% of your revenue

As a business owner, none of this will come as a great surprise. But latest research, suggests that 80% of your revenue comes from just 20% of your customer base.

Seriously. That’s big news.

To keep those customers coming back, and to keep them singing your praises, you’ve really got to value their loyalty and reward them for it.

A customer loyalty programme like Goody will keep those customers coming back for more. But we’re not talking a free coffee once in a blue moon. With Goody, you can offer your lovers real rewards they actually value. It’s a powerful digital platform that transforms the traditional in-store customer experience into an online and offline customer relationship.

Customer Love

Here are the reasons engaged customers have got your back

Loyal customers will

  • spend with you because they’re rewarded for it – they’ll drive that extra distance for you
  • spend extra when they redeem points – free coffee? Thanks, I’ll take a muffin too!
  • be reminded you still exist and that you’d love to see them back – just by engaging with them when you haven’t seen them for a while.

Want to know how you can keep your customers coming back for more? Book a Goody demo today.

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