Multiple Goody Tags

Did you know: You only need one Goody Card!

Here at Goody, we get a lot of questions about whether you need multiple Goody cards to collect rewards.

The answer is NO.

All you will ever need is one Goody card, and, it doesn't matter if it's a branded Goody card, or one that you've picked up from places such as McCafé, Lumino, Shiseido or Host-- these all work in the same way.

You can use your branded Goody card at all locations where Goody is available. That’s great news for cardholders because it means you can collect rewards wherever you go!

Unsure whether you have a Goody card?

There is an easy way to check:

Flip your card around to the QR coded side - see below.

Multiple Goody Tags

If, on the back, it says “Powered by”, then you already have a Goody card!

What if I have two or more Goody cards?

If you have two or more Goody cards - and you signed them both up using the same email address - then these are already linked

Why can’t I redeem my rewards at other stores?

Your rewards are unique to that particular store. But it all depends on how the stores have set up their rewards.

For instance:

Let’s say you buy a burger from John down the road. John only owns one burger store, so you can only use the rewards you earn from John's store

What about Franchise locations?

That depends on how the franchise has chosen to reward its customers. For instance, some Goody Merchants, like McCafé, offer rewards across all its stores, so you can use them across the country. Just ask the store whether or not you can use the rewards at other store locations – it’s that easy!

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