Could coffee cards be a thing of the past?

If Starbucks US app transactions are anything to go by, then we could be sipping our way to free coffees, using our smartphones. Does that spell the end of traditional coffee cards as we know it?

Starbucks U.S app transactions for coffee recently passed the 6 million app transactions per week mark
(Source: Sweettooth). It’s a sign that more people are transitioning away from the traditional paper based coffee cards.

Here in New Zealand and Australia, the uptake is also strong. Goody card -- an application which replaces the need for a coffee card -- has a membership base of almost 350,000 New Zealanders.

Goody Card – One app to clean up your wallet

Goody card is a revolutionary new way smartphone users can earn rewards from stores across the country. Basically, it replaces the need to keep coffee coupon cards and stores all your rewards in one place. Meaning all you'll ever need is the app or tag to access reward points.

How does it work?

Signing up is easy and many NZ & Australian cafés are already operating the Goody rewards program. The customer simply needs to download the application or grab a Goody tag from the merchant. After you buy your next cup of coffee, you simply scan the QR code on the tablet device – usually located at the front counter – and you earn rewards, exactly how you would with the traditional paper coffee card.

Why are cafés opting for digital coffee cards?

Starbucks understand very well, that the difference between your coffee and the one down the road, doesn’t actually have much to do with the coffee. Starbucks focus on the experience their customers receive, from the moment they walk into the store, to the moment the leave. That’s why you will often find things like couches, free Wi-Fi or free charging cables provided at most coffee houses.

With Goody, the merchant has the ability to offer customers customised, fun and unique rewards. Taking what was once in in-store only experience and allowing businesses to communicate with their coffee card holders.

Most cafés operate their own customer loyalty programmes, which can cost hundreds of thousands to setup. That’s because you often need a website portal, operational processes, plastic cards, designs, setup costs…and the list goes on. It’s no wonder only the big brands can afford these systems.

That’s why Goody Card is growing in places across the country. Essentially, cafes get the same enterprise-level capability, without the need to invest in an enterprise level system.

To learn more about Goody card – simply book a demo with one of our customer loyalty consultants.