Is Goody Delivering on Customer Loyalty?

Recently, we conducted some qualitative research of our customers (focus-group type stuff).

As a merchant, you may have received a call from myself, asking you a few questions about how you’re finding the Goody system and what impact it’s having on your business.

At the start of the interview, we made it pretty clear we wouldn’t divulge any personal information but the comments may be used to help other merchants deciding whether the investment in Goody has paid off.

Overall, the qualitative findings suggest Goody merchants are very happy with the system – which is great to hear! Here are just a few highlights’ from the survey we’re allowed to share with you:

Survey respondents trust Goody to help with:
  • Email address capture; noted as the primary reason
  • Developing a customer loyalty system for their stores
  • Retaining customers and increasing customer retention
  • Replacing their historic rewards functions
  • Increasing store social media visibility
  • Transition from paper cards to digital
  • Reducing print costs associated with paper cards
  • Encouraging franchise members to go digital
  • Delivering customer promotions easily
  • Decreasing its marketing costs and using better-targeted store marketing

Quotes from Goody Merchants on whether we’re delivering:

*Please note, we cannot share personal details of customers these quotes belong to at this stage

“The thing about selling petrol is that every has it and the pricing is basically all the same. The only difference we can offer our customer really is loyalty programs and good customer service – Goody has really given us the ability to match our loyalty efforts, with the service we provide on the forecourt” – Gas Station Merchant

“I think the system is great! I think I’ve actually got emails from most of my customers, so now I can just focus on marketing my store”. - Franchisee

“The best thing about Goody is that it’s not a loyalty program built by the business, it’s something that the customer actually like to do as well – that’s why it works”. - Franchisor

“For us, the cost associated with print and radio is really high. Compared to those channels, this is actually pretty cheap. We usually spend quite a lot print and radio” - Pharmacy Merchant

“The great thing about Goody is that it’s a two-step process. Goody does a great job of capturing email addresses for us. We try to make the promotion part of every sales transaction we do, by asking the sales person if they have a Goody card – that’s where we get the most reward”. - Hospitality Merchant

“It’s great to see that I am building my own personal business database. That’s really attractive, because if I am looking to sell my business, it means I can prove to buyers that I’ve created a database they can market to. That’s worth quite a bit for new owners”. – Franchisee

Talking to Goody customers, they would love to see these things next:

  • Goody video content & how-to videos
  • User or engagement type groups
  • Managed marketing service options
  • Comparative costing and visitation metrics of Goody versus traditional coupon cards
  • A catalogue of training information made available to staff

We'll be working hard over the next 12 months to spread the word about Goody. Because we know, the more users of Goody, the better our merchants are positioned to attract new customers!