Switching to Digital Coupon Cards

Kiwi’s love a bargain and the norm of collecting coupon cards has been a habit which every coffee drinker understands. But that’s all changing…

New Zealand businesses are making the leap toward digital coupon cards -- yes “there’s an app for that” -- and it’s taking New Zealand by storm. Because let’s be frank, it’s always been an inconvenience keeping coupon cards, only to find that when you need one, you’ve lost it!

Kiwi cloud tech’s fuelling the digital adoption drive

Cloud start-ups such as Xero and other point-of-sale providers are fuelling business and cardholder adoption. Unlike legacy systems, the cloud, offers real-time store visibility and prevents data-loss risks or onerous backups. The appeal to business owners is that cloud systems are licensed on a subscription basis – meaning you can cancel at any time.

Digital coupons - a smarter rewards programme

A busy café or store easily serves more than a thousand patrons each week. To the store owner, that could mean punch card reorders of more than 250 cards per month. The cost alone to manage these print runs exceeds the $120.00 mark, not to mention design costs, shipping and print setups.

The great thing about digital loyalty cards is that the more people actually using the system, the greater the provider’s ability to reduce costs - as cardholders have already downloaded their coupon app or use the QR tags provided. That’s great news for Goody businesses as popularity rises across the country.

QR coupon tag

Adoption on the rise

Here at Goody, we’ve broken 330,000 sign ups and we couldn’t be more chuffed! A big part our popularity in New Zealand is a sign of cloud technology acceptance.
Companies like Netflix started in a similar fashion – people probably thought it was going to be a failed idea. But, like all technologies, after the early adopters give it the sign of approval, the majority usually follows.

We feel like we’re on the cusp of that - if the US market is anything to go by. Overall, the adoption and distribution of paperless coupons, or digital coupons, has risen by a whopping 373% in the last year alone (Inmar) – that’s promising news for businesses already using the Goody system.

If you run a business and would like to learn more about the benefits a digital coupon programme can offer, then book a demo with a customer loyalty expert here.