Goody helps gives businesses simple tools, to improve their relationships with customers. Here are six reasons why you need Goody as your loyalty program:

1) Grow your customer database

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. With Goody, we make sure that every single person that scans and joins your loyalty rewards program, joins your business database. That’s appealing to buyers looking to purchase a business because they know there is a steady revenue stream they can market to.

2) Enable better email marketing

Email is still one of the best ways to market to your customers. With Goody, we can help increase retention rates by combining our simple application with a powerful way to increase repeat customer engagement.

3) Increase customer retention

By sending unique offers to your customer’s database, you’re communicating with them, even if they have left the store. Goody helps your business increase the amount of returning visitors, which leads to increases in revenue.

4) Send ‘good’ emails only

Here at Goody, we manage SPAM filtering, to ensure your customers have the option to stop at any time. We comply with ‘good’ email marketing practices, so you benefit with a higher chance or reaching your customers' inbox.

5) Create lasting and loyal relationships

Goody gives you the platform to create powerful rewards in exchange for email permissions – giving you the ability to communicate with your best customers.

6) A simple & affordable solution

With its intuitive design, anyone can use Goody to create customer rewards. Using an android tablet as your kiosk, you have the hardware and software to power up your promotions! Whether you run a small business or need enterprise level functionality, Goody can help!