Goody Guide to Signing Up More Customers

Research shows that it costs a business about 5-10 times more, to acquire new customers than it does to serve an existing one. Further, your current customers spend 67% more than new customers. So, it’s critical that when a customer walks into your store, you create and manage a long-lasting relationship.

That’s why it’s important you sign up as many customers to the Goody platform – to help you better communicate with your customers and show them all the great rewards you can offer. Here's our top tips to help you sign up more customers to Goody:

1) Make sure your Goody tablet is clearly visible to customers:

We find that merchants that place their Goody tablet at the front of their counter are far more likely to get customers signing up. Already, we’re finding that the younger generation understands exactly how to use Goody, without your staff even needing to explain how to use it.

2) Create low-point rewards

Making your rewards achievable is a great way to quickly reward new customers and ensure they return. If your loyalty program takes too long to earn rewards, then your customers may not want to sign up.

Try to think of reward points per visit, so you’re keeping customers just 1 or 2 steps away from a reward every time they come back. You can do this by offering them something small every 2nd or 3rd visit, like a small coffee, fries or a free can of coke.

By offering your new customers something small for free, they are much more likely to sign up to hear about email offers. That's because you’re giving them something for free.

3) Encourage staff to sign up each and every customer

Staff that are familiar with Goody and have been encouraged by their managers to use the system are likely to see a greater return on investment. Signing up new customers to the Goody system is easy:

Simply ask new customers to:

  • Sign-up to Goody to earn rewards at your store by picking up a Goody Tag or via the App
  • Tap ‘Tap to Scan’ on the tablet
  • Hold the QR code on tag about 10 cm from the camera
  • Enter their email address
  • Recommend they ‘Share’ their email to get extra bonus points, this means they’ll be eligible to receive any emails you send.


Encourage your returning customers to use Goody after each purchase. Ask them to simply:

  • Hold tag or Goody app 10cm from camera and wait until it scans
  • Recommend they click ‘Share’ to get extra bonus points, this means they’ll receive any emails you send.
4) Display your Goody signage

All Goody customers receive decals they should showcase in-store. Make sure your Goody marketing materials are clearly visible, so your customers know about your loyalty rewards program.


5) Spread the word about Goody

The more members using Goody - the bigger the community of members. Already, there are hundreds of thousands of Goody members across Australasia. The more people that have downloaded the app and are using it, the more likely you are to attracting new business – so spread the word! You can help by telling your customers about Goody in-store and promoting it on social media.