3 Sure-Fire Tips to Creating Customer Loyalty

Creating customer loyalty is something every business can achieve. With the right staff training, communication and offers, you should be able to keep your good customers coming back again and again. Here at Goody, we’ve broken these down into a few things your business can - and should - focus on:

1) Deliver a world class customer experience

Creating customer loyalty starts with giving each and every customer a world class experience. This comes down to the 5P’s of customer service excellence:

  • Process – ensuring you have the right processes in place to cater for your customer’s expectations.
  • Product – having a unique and appealing product or offering.
  • Presentation – making sure your product or service delivered looks as good as it sounds.
  • Price – meeting the pricing expectations of your product or service and ensuring your customers see value in what they are buying.
  • People – having staff trained to meet your customers’ needs and ensuring a world class customer experience from start to finish.
2) Bring customers back with an offer

How long has it been since you thanked your customers after they’ve left your store? Creating unique and customised offers, at the right time, is a great way to keep customers engaged. Here are a few campaigns you might like to try:

Announcement campaign:
These campaigns help keep your customers up-to-date with the latest news or changes about your business. These are typically newsworthy items such as:

  • new services
  • change in locations
  • new menus or products.

Bring them back campaign:
Sending your customers an offer they can redeem in store ensures a percentage will return to claim their offer. It also rewards your most valuable customers. Here are a few suggested ideas:

  • Coupons – offering customers vouchers only redeemable in store.
  • Deals – i.e. Buy one get one free.
  • Freebies – a free gift with a purchase can be a great way to give additional value to your customers. It can also help remove some of your slow moving or old stock that might actually be costing you money to keep.


Birthday campaign:
Create loyal customers by giving them personalised messages directly from your brand. Setting up automated email offers on their birthday is a great way to drive brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Event promotion:
Do you have an event coming up which you think your customers would like to attend? Promote it and let your customers know. Whether it be:

  • new store openings
  • special occasions or;
  • upcoming sales.
3) Evaluate your product:

Before even looking at a customer loyalty system, you may want to consider whether your customers see value in what you’re offering. Otherwise, setting up a customer loyalty system may not be the answer to your problems.

Take a hard look at:

  • Competitors in the same market.
  • How your customers perceive your product or service.
  • Whether your customers see value in it.