It’s widely known that email marketing is the most effective way of targeting your customers and generating sales. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in Return on Investment*.

Email is Your Best Marketing Tool

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your Goody Campaigns.

Permission to Send#####

Every customer on your email list has opted in and wants to receive your emails. They know your business and already have a relationship with you. Your customers want to hear from you, we see this every day with Goody-sent emails having some of the highest open rates compared to industry averages.

Why the ‘Offer’ is Important#####

With the above true, you're already halfway there, and don’t want to lose your potential customers with a disappointing offer.

The offer is arguably the most important part of your email. To make the campaign worthwhile you need to create something that makes the customer want to visit your store. 10% off when you spend $20 just isn’t going to cut it. It needs to be something that is valuable to the customer.

Since your offer doubles up as your campaign headline, you better make it eye-catching! See some examples below:

  • Have a free coffee on us!
  • Visit us this week for $10 off
  • Get 10 cents of per litre this week at *insert business name*
  • Grab free fries when you next visit
  • Double points this fortnight!
  • Bring a friend, buy one main get a second free
  • $10 voucher to spend in store
Time Limit#####

The expiry date you put on the offer can’t be too near, or the customer won’t have an opportunity to come in and redeem it. However, if you set the expiry date too far away the customer may forget about the offer and therefore not use it. We find that between one and two weeks works best.


The image will be one of the main things that the customer sees when they open their email, and is a really vital part of grabbing your customer's attention. Having a clear, interesting image will pull your customer in, but having a dull, blurry image is going to turn your customers off.


“How often should I send campaigns?” is a question I hear often, and really there is no clear-cut answer. Getting into a regular routine means that your customers will expect an offer, and tune in to see what they can get this week, which increases your customer engagement. We’ve seen businesses that send a campaign on the same day each week; if they miss a week their customers start emailing asking why they haven’t received the weekly offer.

*Source: VentureBeat, 2015