SoYo's Success Story

SoYo Frozen Yoghurt has been with Goody for a little over a month, since 3rd March, and they’ve already signed up over 700 customers. Steve and Cathy, SoYo’s owners, decided to start using Goody after becoming increasingly frustrated with their previous loyalty app. They found that it was too difficult for their customers to sign up to, and also that as the hardware interface was unreliable.

Steve and Cathy chose Goody as they love how easy it is to use, and they needed a loyalty product that allows them to establish and grow a meaningful database, that they can then use to increase sales in their business.

“I believe that Goody will continue to develop this loyalty programme and add value. Goody comes across as innovative and one step ahead.”

SoYo recently sent out a campaign to their subscribers offering them a buy one get one free deal on their Frozen Yoghurts. The email was delivered to 100% of the customers in their mailing list, 36% of which opened it. To put this in perspective, the average open rate for restaurants is 21.96% (Mailchimp Research, 2016).

Cathy and Steve believe that the customers at SoYo love Goody due to how straightforward it is to sign up, and keep track of their points. “Once they have signed up they can access their account using the online member centre, by scanning their card, or by using the app.”

The staff at SoYo sign up an average of 21 new customers every single day. Since they have been so successful signing up new customers, we asked whether they have any advice for other merchants - their response?

“Give your staff a clear and easy script to use when encouraging their customers to sign up. Offer incentives to your team based on the number of sign ups. Ask every single customer.”

Based on the script that SoYo use, we’ve produced a printable flow chart for you to download and use as you like.