How Unique Rewards Can Increase Customer Loyalty

When most people hear ‘customer loyalty program,’ they think ‘buy nine coffees, get the 10th free.’ And it’s true; most customer loyalty programs tend to revolve around this format – buy a bunch of stuff from a store to earn a percentage discount off your next purchase or some kind of freebie.

But while that format of customer loyalty program might work for some businesses, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Think outside the box with Goody

The beauty of Goody Card is that business owners can think outside the square and creatively construct a rewards program that works for the personality of both their business and their customers. Everyone appreciates freebies and discounts, but memorable experiences last much longer than a free coffee or 15% off your next purchase.

Take these Kiwi companies as an example. One of the Goody rewards on offer at Kiwicakes, a cake decorating supplier based in Whangarei, is your face on a cake. Seriously. Once you hit the points threshold, the Kiwicakes team will print your face or that of a loved one or pet on a sheet of edible icing for you to place on the top of your own cake.

The manager of Wendy’s Supa Sundaes likes to think outside the square too. One of the rewards on offer there is to challenge the store owner to a game of Paper, Scissors, Rock. The winner walks away with a free Rocket SupaSoft sundae!

Then there’s the Food Truck Garage in Central Auckland, which has a ride in the Food Truck up for grabs.

And don’t forget Petone’s My French Larder, which offers some lucky Goody points rewardees and three of their friends the chance to make and create four crepes from scratch, complete with an unlimited supply of ingredients.

First impressions count

But aren’t these rewards a bit too much effort for what they’re worth? Well, the real question should be, “How much is an over-and-over-again returning customer worth?” Creative rewards like these give your customers a great first impression that last far longer than their first visit. If you’re keen to create a fun-loving vibrant personality, a loyalty program that complements this is a great place to start.

Brand recognition that lasts

Brands that offer experiential rewards are more likely to be remembered long-term by their customers. The most obvious example is AirPoints – spend enough cash and you could fly somewhere for free – but even that’s not that awesome when you compare it with American Express which, in 2007, offered customers the opportunity to redeem points to shadow Tiger Woods as he played a practice course just before the US open. Think about how awesome those customers would have felt, especially when Tiger spontaneously put on a putting lesson too! Not only did American Express turn these card holders into lifetime members, they created a publicity storm on social media too.

Create a point of difference

Ask yourself this: what makes you different from your competitors if you offer the same product in exactly the same way? Other than your logo, probably not a lot. Goody’s customisable loyalty program lets business owners infuse a dash of personality into their marketing, thus highlighting their product, personality and people over price and percentage discounts. If a fun and unique reward gets people talking about your business – and it doesn’t cost you a thing – then your bank balance will continue on the up while your loyal fan base follows suit.

Keen to give Goody a go? Join just under 400 other Kiwi small businesses all over New Zealand. Drop us a line to book a Goody demo and find out how we can help your business get more people walking through your doors.