Marketing Tips & Tricks for Small Businesses

Getting paying customers through your doors is the whole point you went into business in the first place. But if your doorbell isn’t getting a lot of action, the first reaction is often panic.

Small businesses don’t have massive marketing budgets. Fortunately a little creativity is all you need to think outside the square and get more footsteps through your doors without spending the earth.

Create a loyalty program that works for you

Loyalty programs are designed to turn one-off visitors to your store into repeat customers who keep coming back for more. But the classic paper stamp card has been around for so long its effectiveness is increasingly diminishing. Join the digital world by signing up to Goody, a universal loyalty program that lets you create and customise a loyalty program that suits you and your customers, and interact with your clientele long after they’ve left your store. Goody understands that Kiwis are busy, so a universal app that can be used at stores all over New Zealand makes it easier for customers to earn points at their favourite stores. Find out more about Goody and request a demo.

Sign up to social media

Contrary to popular belief, social media is not just a platform to share cat videos. More than 60% of all Kiwis now have a Facebook account - that’s an enormous audience just waiting to engage with your business. Creating a business social media account means that you’re willing to meet your customer base where they are - online. You don’t have to sit at your computer all day everyday to make it work either; use your social media account to advertise member-only deals or specials of the day, and encourage two-way engagement from your fans. If you do have a budget, try promoting and targeting some of your posts - sometimes as little as $20 is all you need to get your name out there.

Give it away

If you’re in the business of making delicious goodies like ice cream or cupcakes, a sure-fire way of attracting foot-traffic is to give samples of your wares away. Offer freebies to passersby along with a voucher to get a free coffee when they visit for the first time. Sure, you might lose a little initially, but if you do it well the benefits will far outweigh the losses.

Support a community cause

Every neighbourhood is filled with small community causes that need local support to get their dreams off the ground. Get involved by donating a prize for the primary school quiz night or Guides’ jamboree fundraiser. The more you get your name into your community, the more people will recognise you - and you get to do some good in the process.