Top tips for cleaning out your wallet

Most of us have more cents than sense when it comes to cramming stuff into our wallets. No longer are purses wholly dedicated to dollars; some are such a Pandora’s Box that it’s virtually impossible to find anything. If your wallet is a bit of a wilderness at the moment, here are a few ways to deal with the clutter.

Get rid of those stamp cards you always lose anyway

If you’re the kind of person who likes to collect loyalty cards at every store you visit, but you can never find them when you actually need them, you’re not alone. Goody is your eradicator of wallet clutter and saviour of purse seams. With Goody you can earn goodies you really want from businesses all over the country, which means you can chuck out those old stamp cards you always forget you have anyway and use Goody instead. You’ll be doing your bit for Mother Nature too.

Say no to receipts

If you struggle to balance your paper-to-money ratio, here are our dos and don’ts when it comes to receipts. Say no if your purchase isn’t life-changing (eg. Tuesday dinner from the roast shop, birthday cards). Say yes if you’re spending a lot of money, if you might need to return the product further down the track, or if you think you can claim some money back (eg. washing machine, Chuck Taylors, making a donation to World Vision). Fold any receipts up nicely and pop them into a dedicated pocket in your purse so your credit card doesn’t get forever-lost in the forest of paper. And if you keep receipts for business tax purposes, clear your wallet out once a week so you not only maintain control over your wallet, you also stay on good terms with the Taxman.

Become a tipper

We’ve all been there. The one time you need to pay with cash, the ATM only spits out 20s and you end up with a treasure chest of shrapnel threatening to split the seams of your wallet. Discover the long-lost art of generosity and give it all away to hard-working baristas, waitresses and buskers.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the big questions

Do you really need four EFTPOS cards? 12 photos of your family/dog? 74 business cards from friendly folk you’ve met along the way? Dedicate your wallet to wallet-related purposes, and you’ll have a far happier time of it.