Sugar is turning one…and we have a big announcement to make!

If you’ve just become a cardholder – welcome! And if you’ve been with us for a while, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being one of the very first cardholders and supporting our endeavor from its first year. We hope you’ve enjoyed reaping the rewards that your Sugar card or app brings with every scan.

Our rewards service is now available at over 300 businesses around New Zealand.

On the eve of our one-year anniversary, we made the decision to change our name in order to further align with the values of our company.

On Monday May 4, 2015, Sugar became Goody.

We love the name “Goody” as we think it perfectly sums up the benefits of joining us – the goodies are only a scan away every time you buy!

This effect of this changeover will be minimal to you:

The new Goody website is already live, and the old Sugar smart phone app has automatically switched over to become Goody – if you had the old Sugar app, check your smart phone and have a look at our new name!
You can use this new app immediately, and in exactly the same way as the old Sugar app.
Your reward points across all retailers REMAIN UNCHANGED. All points accumulated under the Sugar card will still be available for use via the new Goody card or app.
You can continue to use your old Sugar card under our new name, Goody…
OR – get a new, Goody-branded card the next time you visit one of our affiliated retailers.
OR - jump online and download the new Goody app the next time you remember – it’s free, just like the old Sugar app was.
We hope you love our new name as much as we do, and that you continue to get all the goodies on offer from our ever-growing family of Goody retailers!

Good one!

The Goody Team